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Connect your loyalty management solution to REZY360's powerful loyalty redemption platform and let rewards members redeem points for travel including flights, hotels, car rentals and more.

Loyalty management companies lead the commercial world in customer success by offering incredible rewards. With great rewards, customers are eager to spend and interact with their favorite businesses.

REZY360 works with loyalty and rewards management companies, offering even greater rewards to their dedicated member community with our technology and service. By connecting your loyalty or rewards solution to REZY360, members will gain access to global travel content, community management and essential member support.

Integrated E-Commerce

By connecting your loyalty or rewards platform with REZY360 you will gain access to an integrated e-commerce solution. Members can easily log in to your membership system and redeem points from our portal. You can choose the options given to members, and the rules of accrual or redemption. Members can manage their profiles, preferences, recent bookings and view their points balances.

Technology Services

Let REZY360 make your website a better experience by powering it with REZY360 and launching a branded web portal with 24/7 online booking for hotels and more. We connect to your member database via API for a smooth experience. Websites, emails and experiences are catered to your brand requirements and guidelines.

Loyalty and Rewards

Great rewards are an essential component to engaging members and keeping them loyal. By connecting REZY360 to your loyalty program, members will be delighted at having access to global travel content, an easy user experience and dedicated member experience teams. Reward loyalty. 

Connect Collaborate
Connect Collaborate
Travel Content

REZY360 comes with a massive inventory of global travel content that is ready to book at launch. This travel inventory can be altered, managed and grown by adding new suppliers through an API, direct content from trusted suppliers and controlled through our Managed Services options.

Millions of global hotel rooms with top brands 10,000+ activities in over 90 countries 500 global airport lounges Leading global car rental companies Integration with all GDS providers API connectivity to preferred suppliers

Managed Services

Our fully integrated platform boosts your rewards program with comprehensive product assistance from our team of knowledgeable travel experts. Our team will help manage the platform, confirm bookings, update travel and support your team as a primary or secondary support.

  • Portal management
  • Inventory setup
  • General system reports
  • Refund processing
  • Points management
  • Manage customer profiles
  • Cancellations
  • 24/7 support
Connect Collaborate
Connect Collaborate

Everyone deals with bulk data to better understand loyal customers and actively determine the best next steps for imporving loyalty and redemption. Monitor transactions and preferred destinations to know how to better engage your repeat customers through data and analysis.

  • Customer insight
  • Check website traffic
  • Redemption data
  • Actionable sales reports
  • Inventory popularity
  • Customer feedback
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When customers book a room, let them book everything they need including flights, car rentals, activities, airport transfers and airport lounge passes.