Simplify. Unify. Multiply.
End-to-End Destination Marketing Solution
Every snowflake is different; every grain of sand is unique and so is your destination, its culture and experience.

We appreciate your desire to position and empower your destination with the unique techniques, technology and flare that your destination demands and deserves.


We design an affordable plan, develop technology and add design services to amplify your ability to compete and win the battle of destination marketing.


We deploy a platform to engage all destination activity providers, hotels and transportation companies and merchandise suppliers.


We design and deploy engagement apps to connect with residents and tourists. Help visitors in all phases of travel planning. Earn referrals and earn repeat tourism.

REZY360 services are designed for organizations that are committed to offering more than just hotels and flights. It is purpose-built, offering solutions to a wide range of destination products like activities, souvenirs, merchandise, online booking and 24/7 multilingual customer support. Extend stays and increase spending!

Teaming up with REZY360, destination marketers enjoy the benefits of automation with 24/7 online selling capabilities, a digital workforce and total control over destination offerings and pricing management. REZY360 is paving the way of creating a much-awaited tourism eco-system and enhancing the tourist experience.

Integrated Solutions
Integrated Solutions

Connect with preferred partners through API/XML integrations including payment gateways and B2B interface.

Marketing Modules

You have a beautiful destination. Flaunt it! Use REZY360’s built-in marketing tools to keep visitors coming back for more. Send email reminders, cater trips to their preferences, advertise hot deals on your website.

B2B2C Solutions

Sell online to travelers or to travel management companies and travel agents around the world. By using REZY360, you will have access to a B2B portal so your partners can resell your content to their own travelers.


Manage the profiles of travelers, employees, suppliers and resellers. Keeping track of your business is an important part of understanding where you’re coming from and where you want to go.

Design Services

REZY360 provides custom-built multilingual web portals and native mobile apps (iOS and Android) to keep your business going. Our talented design team will deliver a portal designed within your brand guidelines.


Our team provides guidance in implementation of REZY360, giving teams their best chance to make the most of this great technology. We provide essential training to destination service providers to ensure their adoption of REZY360.


Make it easy for travelers to find what they want in a centralized booking portal and mobile apps. Bring local partners together and sell online in one website. Keep everything simple, clean and together for an easier way to attract international travelers, increase return their investment and benefit destinations service providers.


Digitalization helps destinations track revenue streams and offer visitors great deals. Accessible anywhere and everywhere, any time you need it. Make it easier to check records, manage data and continue to grow.

Tourist Mobile App

Keep travelers connected while they’re on the go with REZY360’s mobile apps built in your brand. Travelers can keep your booking engine and website ready to go when they install your app on their phones.

Travel Rewards

We work with destinations to build a loyalty system that nurtures growth and encourages spending. With REZY360’s loyalty rewards system, you can issue points for purchases which entices customers to spend, earn and travel more.