Destination Experience

Be immersed here.Then go there.

World-class destinations visit you, so you can visit them!

As part of our mission to connect our members to each other and to the limitless good in the world, we’re hosting special two-day Destination Experiences (DEXPOs), where resorts, tour operators, and other destination representatives showcase the best their location has to offer.

This immersive two-day experience features meals, culture, experts, and event planners from a selected destination—it could be Brazil, Paris, Thailand, or Turkey.

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Sample the world

The way it works is simple, compelling, and fun. The event itself is its own reward—a true experience to remember.

We book a facility, such as a hotel banquet hall, and open it up for six or eight hours on two consecutive days. JOYiZM members can come sample food, music, performances, and other destination highlights. Destination representatives will be present to answer any questions you have.

Around the edges of the event, you might find informational booths or tables. Here, exhibits provide a glimpse into various attractions to whet your appetite for travel, adventure, and relaxation—anything from sandy beaches and pulsating night life to towering mountains or wildlife tours.

You’ll see how other countries eat, celebrate, and live—what could be a better introduction to a destination?

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