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Designed with travel business in mind, REZY360 is the perfect automation tool for tour operators, transport services, charter companies, yacht companies, boat companies, sightseeing guides and more.
REZY360 is an all-in-one travel software. Travel business requirements are far too unique and complex for basic software. REZY360 is built on powerful technology based on input from travel professionals and molded over time to become the perfect, multi-purpose solution for travel experts.
Each travel business is unique in its size, shape and form. While some business are small by choice and others are large by nature, REZY360 can address the needs of small, medium and large enterprises whether they share an office space or are spread through out the world.
Multi-channel selling, multi-portal capability, multilingual access
Extend business reach worldwide. Provide business to business sub agent access through a unique branded B2B interface. Give powerful tools to a reseller community and create more business opportunity and revenue avenues.
Expand customer base and fan folllowing around the world by staying in business 24/7 with a company branded B2C portal and booking engine. REZY360 offers multilingual, B2C interface and the ability to host several portals off a single back office.
Effective communication is key
Stay in touch with customers on-the-go
REZY360 has built-in communications tools for easy and effective interaction with loyal customers, potential travelers and business partners.
Send email marketing for new destinations, encourage new trips with a sale, update travelers on the status of their flights, send booking confirmation, text remainders and check in to see if they are ready for their next trip.
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