Discover the power of REZY360
A solution built for total travel management
An incredible iCRM built for the travel industry
Thou shalt know thy customers
Build complete traveler profiles with up-to-date information. Store important dates to know when there might be a trip coming up, save travel preferences, bucket list destinations, important information, documents and common travel companions.
Stop bouncing between emails, confirmations different software to check a traveler profile. Connect these dynamic profiles with their unique travel history to have everything available together at the click of a mouse to be better prepared.
Manage employees, resellers and partners
Oversee all profiles and control access levels
REZY360 is built on the belief that travel businesses should offer equal attention to staff, partners, resellers, suppliers and customer. The profile management system gives administrators the power to manage, create, delete and edit profiles for up-to-date accuracy. Review employee work logs, save edit history for customer bookings, evaluate progress and track efficiency through REZY360.
Maintain a full database of partner profiles including Resellers and Sub Agents and review purchase history and bookings. Upload inventory connected to chosen Suppliers and Vendors and store all contracts for quick access.