What is the REZY360 Advantage?
The REZY360 Advantage provides 360° support for your travel business.
From managing bookings to digital marketing, we provide end-to-end
services to elevate your business.
Our integrated CRM is connected to all the other modules of the system. It manages the entire database of vendors, agents, and customers. The database helps you build travel plans as per traveler preferences.
Upload inventory or connect with your favorite suppliers to sell global travel content. Sell online through a B2C or B2B interface. Manage through REZY360 for walk-ins, phone reservations and more.
Automate communication through REZY360 by sending emails or SMS. Send confirmations, reminders, updates, follow ups and advertisements for upcoming sales. Keep in touch, stay on the mind.
Rate Options
Set markups and discounts for B2B and B2C platforms. Adjust prices based on seasons and availability.
Learn what works and what doesn’t by hearing directly from travelers with REZY360’s Feedback module. It’s important for travelers to know they can come to you with any feedback, good or bad.
Content Management
Want to advertise a new destination or package? Have a sale coming up or simply want to welcome visitors to your site? Through REZY360 you can upload banners directly to your webpage with a link and text.
Travel might be a passion for many and wishful thinking for some. A great design on a travel website can make people dream, plan and eventually book the experience of a lifetime.
Define your image and solidify your brand with REZY360’s team of proven design professionals. A professional portal with a built-in booking engine is only a small aspect of the many offers from REZY360, but an important one for enticing travelers to book the next trip, one they’ll never forget.
Managed Services
REZY360 boosts your business with complete product assistance from our global team of knowledgeable travel professionals. Managed Services are a comprehensive way to get the most out of REZY360.
Managed services with the REZY360 Advantage are a great way to make sure your business has the support it needs to keep moving forward.
  • Portal Management
  • Inventory setup
  • Data upload
  • Generate system reports
  • Refund processing
  • Booking management
  • Design and development
  • Manage customer profile database
  • Technical and booking support
  • CMS management
  • Advertisements
Digital Marketing
Before booking, travelers do more searches now than ever before. This is the ideal time to grab the attention of any would-be traveler. One of the major aspects of travel marketing is customer experience. Remarketing and customer match targeting are some of the best ways to create an impact on the mind of travelers.
We provide specialized attention to personalized marketing, offering tailored content that enables better one-on-one communication with target audiences.
Marketing strategies will build audience engagement to create a stable customer base that direct traffic to websites and help in cohesive branding and generate leads.
  • Social media activation
  • Social media posting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Website design
  • Banners and sales notifications
  • Content management system control
Knowledge is the key to success, and nothing is more essential to modern knowledge than the ability to see and use business data to improve and grow.
REZY360 has built-in analytics tools to help users understand strong points, weak points, top destinations and more. REZY360 is also integrated with Google Analytics for in-depth analysis on your website’s traffic.
Travel Content
Working with endless suppliers and logging in and out of several supplier platforms can eat up company time. Streamline business operations by enabling REZY360’s built-in travel content or enable your own preferred suppliers.
REZY360 is readily connected with over thirty global suppliers for hotels, car rentals, activities, flights and payment gateways. REZY360’s built-in travel content is live inventory, ready to book at the click of a mouse or a tap of a screen.
Give your customers the vacations they want by utilizing access to REZY360’s global travel inventory.
Our travel content includes:

  • 10,000+ activities in over 90 countries
  • 500 global airport lounges
  • Leading global car rental companies
  • Integration with all GDS providers
  • API connectivity to preferred Suppliers
  • Millions of global hotel rooms with top brands
  • Regional and global payment gateway providers
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